Who is the Rebel?

Here is my great powerful tale of intrigue and interest that tells you why I am the End-All, Be-All of Food and Nutritional Knowledge.

I once was very, very fat.  I then became very sick of being very, very fat.  Bulbous fatty parts stuck out all over and I did not care for them!  They slowed me down and often got in the way when trying to button clothes.  My very bones hurt and I felt it might not be healthy to be this fat.

So, I read a lot of books.  Books that said a lot of surprising things about the food I had been eating for a long, long time.  I started to eat different foods, differently.  I became not fat and rather too quickly for some!

Why am I a rebel?  Well, HOW I became not fat was not a common thing when I did it.  I ate low carb and as natural as I could by learning to cook instead of randomly microwave and growing food whenever possible!  So many people were shocked at how quickly I changed they questioned me constantly.  So, I wrote a book about how I cooked for my family.  I sold a lot of them.  But then I stopped.

Hey, do you think that makes those few copies valuable?  I even signed a few of them.  

These days, the way I eat and cook are not so rebel-like.  Not with Keto and Paleo and Whole 30!  It seems everyone has found a way to repackage the idea into products!  Well, good for them.

Now I am a Rebel because I cook my own recipes how I want to cook them.

How’s that?