The Taco Frittata

I have been thinking and thinking lately, about the types of food we eat and what they do to our bodies.  I read and re-read several books on the subject including Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat, both by Gary Taubes.  I also read In Defense of Food.  After that, I started on a Paleo-style diet.  I do steer away from certain foods that are considered Paleo, like sweet potatoes and other root veggies.

One of things I missed (they are few) was tacos.  Here’s what I made to take their place!

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Rebel Slaw

Red cabbage is a veggie that will fill you up, clean you out, and deliver to your cells a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and more!  Red Pepper has a huge amount of Vitamin C!  The problem is it can also lose some of those nutrients by cooking.  Plus, I am not a fan of cooked cabbage.  Neither the smell nor the texture turn me on much.

It is SLAW that makes me happy!  But of course, the sugar in slaw is usually a deal breaker if you are thinking of weight loss and healthy food.  So, in my recipe, the sugar is replaced by Red Pepper and the mayo is replaced with lower calorie, but high fat yogurt.

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Eating Cheap Paleo Low Carb

I have a lot of friends and clients who have told me that could never go “Paleo” because it is extremely expensive.  It can be totally true.  If you are extremely strict, meaning you need to not eat dairy, not eat grain-fed meat, and not eat eggs unless they are from pastured chickens.  I do have a list for that, but the one below is one of my “Super Cheap” lists.  I have several in the book that show how a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 teens) can get by on around $50 a week.

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